Acting Academy

Being a very legendary TV/Film producer/director for 35 years, I have developed my own workshop system for coaching actors.  I have directed some of the most famous performers in the world, and now I want to direct you!

My students diet: 

for breakfast eat: Confidence and Motivation

for lunch eat: Passion and Persistency

for dinner eat: Being Awesome

Studio Winther’s Latest Film: Do it Or Die

Do It Or Die played to a SOLD OUT crowd at it's world premiere during the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Jan 4th, 2017


Learn From the Best…Become Wintherized!

Welcome to Studio Winther Acting Academy!

My teaching is NOT a system, NOT a method, BUT a way of thinking, and this mentoring is geared towards working in TV, Films & Stages.  If you want to be a professional actor/actress, forget about taking acting classes featuring Shakespeare.  It's not going to get you a job.  My classes concentrate on cold readings, how to nail auditions, how to be an actor and how to focus.

You will learn:
- Confidence.
- How to search and find emotions.
- Self awareness.
- Freeing your body, mind and voice.
- Prevent unnecessary tension.
- Create character's background.
- Acting half impromptu.
- Find your own answers & don't copy anybody.
- Connect with the audience.
- What the character wants.
- To be brave.
- Making choices.
- Learn how to audition.


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