“I had the pleasure of working with Jorn Winther on an international dramatic series.  I found him an extremely exciting and nurturing producer/director whose generosity and creativity has launched a significant number of careers in acting, writing and directing fields.”

Fern Field Brooks – Emmy award-winning producer, writer, director, author & Oscar nominee


“I was fortunate to witness, firsthand, the enormous talents of Executive Producer/Director Jorn Winther. Whether he is directing or motivating actors, or guiding a production team, Jorn’s focus is always in the right place: on the story and the characters.”

Randi Subarsky – ABC Programming Executive, currently “Creative Director” at NBC.

“My father is one of the few directors who understands talking with and motivating actors  He has incredible insight and has a constructive, tough but creative manner. Actors learn how to focus and they benefit immensely from his teaching.”

Peter Winther – Producer: The Patriot, Godzilla, Independence Day & Painkillers.


“We had a small team headed by director Jorn Winther with Don Stern and Tony Hudz but it was plenty good enough to fill any executive producer with confidence and I am very grateful.”

Sir David Frost – From his book “I Gave Them A Sward” (behind the scene of “The Nixon Interviews”)


 “Few producers are able to handle double or triple duties and some of the best work I have seen comes from these single-vision, multi-talented producers. Jorn Winther is one of these creative producers who also have the gift of directing and writing.”

Bob Shanks – Programming Vice-President ABC Network Entertainment (From his book “The Cool Fire”)


“I can’t think of a single person who has brought more creativity and innovation to variety and dramatic television, and even news, than Jorn Winther. Remember the wonderful 70’s look of “Sonny & Cher”?  Directed by Jorn.  The Phyllis Diller Show?  Jonathan Winters?  John Davidson?  The Kraft Music Hall?  All directed by Jorn.  The first great prime time rock ‘n’ roll show, “Shindig”, when cameras on cranes floated from the Beach Boys to the Righteous Brothers?  Directed by Jorn.  The Beatles.  “California Jam”.  And then, the birth of “20/20”, where I met him.  Jorn was literally begged by the president of ABC, personally, to executive produce and direct “All My Children”.  This is no myth; I was there.  And Jorn demanded and got the right to take AMC out of the studio for one camera shoots on location–a major breakthrough in daytime drama.  Jorn’s mentoring has been one of my life’s great joys.  The lessons I’ve learned, invaluable.  Still producing features and passing the torch to a new generation, there is no greater resource in Hollywood than Jorn Winther.”

Dan Cooper – Launch Team, Fox News Channel, Broadcast Producer, “20/20”


“Actors know him for his brutal honesty, one of his greatest attributes is giving encouraging, constructive criticism making them able to accept their characters emotionally.”

Danica d’Hondt – President, Sinica Films

“Being an actor Jorn always let me be inventive and take chances. His imagination continually served up a banquet of choices.”

Mark La Mura – Actor

“With his vast experience, talent and constant enthusiasm he has been more than just a partner, in fact a teacher, a friend and a great director.”

Gianluca Lazzaroni – President, Luminex Films


“The best and most distinguished producer, director and mentor any TV show could ask for as well as a witty, warm and wonderful friend.”

Ruth Warrick – Citizen Kane, From her book “Confessions of Phoebe Tyler”


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