Private Coaching


Studio Winther offers personal coaching, 1-on-1 or a small group.  For inquiries please contact us directly at, and we will arrange on the schedule that best suits you.

No age limitations.


$125 per 90 Minutes.

As you will see from the Testimonials & Bio section, I have done multiple private coaching for very famous celebrities who have landed major roles for big budget features films.

Of course my price for them were a lot more, but you will receive the same treatment from me.

Class Instructor - Jorn Winther: Acting Guru/Producer/Director/Writer


I have done well over 1000 hours of network television.

The shows that I produced had 39 Emmy Nominations and collected 14 Emmys.

I discovered, coached, hired & directed Hayden "Anakin Skywalker" Christensen when he was 13!

Let me teach you how to be the best actor you can be!

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