Demo Reels


Studio Winther specializes in producing and directing demo reels.

Either you want to tape a monologue or a scene, our studio will produce it and Studio Winther will direct it.

A demo reel is more important to your career than a headshot and the cost is similar (a good headshot session can be between $500-$1000).  In addition you are getting free acting lessons…a no brainer.

Studio Winther offers:

4 “Special” acting classes in preparation for taping 2-5 minutes monologue sessions directed by me.


$400 per person


If sessions done in a large group, we can record them at the state of the art facility inside KCET TV studio.

*8 minimums for individual monologue reel* –

$800 per person

*4 minimum for combo (monologue & acting scene) reel* –

$1,500 per person

No Cancellations, Class Schedules Subject To Change, No Refunds Available, Reschedule your lesson up to 2 times. 

Class Instructor – Jorn Winther: Acting Guru/Producer/Director/Writer


I have done well over 1000 hours of network television.

The shows that I produced had 39 Emmy Nominations and collected 14 Emmys.

Let me teach you how to be the best actor you can be!

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